A background in literature (modern and contemporary poetics) no doubt informs my photography, but my first serious forays into photography were much influenced by Ernst Haas's colour work, using long shutter speeds to blur motion and create a more abstract image. I was struck by both the visual energy, the emotional charge, and the mystery of such work. Digital cameras now allow me to investigate ‘alternative’ techniques more thoroughly: I can explore intentional camera movement, in-camera multiple exposures, colour shifts and so on in the field, and with an immediate view of the preliminary results. Since the results are always unpredictable, a good deal of chance is involved in this approach.

My work generally begins with an initial ‘displacement’ of the image, achieved through one or a combination of such methods. The subsequent development of the image becomes a process of teasing out the implications, the possibilities, of that displacement, of trying, in a sense, to restore it to a new place of its own. And that work inevitably evokes further memories and associations that become incorporated into the process. It’s not a representation of either the object or of an intial emotional response, but an emodiment of the whole, interactive process of perception and response.


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Exhibitions (poetry and art)

“Between and Around: Words,” Temple University Rome Art Gallery, September 2009.

“Al di la’ delle parole,” Studio Tiepolo 38, Rome, January - March 2009.

“Psyche Says,” Kommunale Galerie Schlangenbad, Schlangenbad, Germany, September - October 2007.

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