I've lived in the UK, Canada, the USA, and Italy, and have spent extended periods in Germany, Bhutan, Thailand and India.  A plan to move back the UK has been at least temporarily scuttled by the covid-19 pandemic   My background was in literature, specializing in modern and contemporary poetics, but that career came to an abrupt end when I suffered a severe spine injury at the beginning of the millennium.

My first serious forays into photography were much influenced by Ernst Haas's colour work with long shutter speeds to blur motion, and an emphasis on abstraction. When I returned to photography after recovering from the spine injury, I continued this investigation of 'alternative' techniques, adding intentional camera movement to blur static subjects, and a range of in-camera multiple exposure techniques made possible by digital cameras. But I've generally spent a lot more time looking at paintings than photographs, and perhaps that's why, even with digital techniques, the final work is always the physical print, rather than an image on a screen (and the screen images are sometimes modified to more closely approximate the print).  In the end, I'm trying to create works that can sustain my own interest, both intellectual and emotional, over time - works that can hold a gaze. 

My earlier work was much concerned with pushing techniques to see what would happen, what might be revealed. But more and more, my work combines my earlier interest in poetics and the concept of a fragmented, multiple self, with an increasingly embodied sense, developed through meditation practice, of the relation between self and world - that what we see, hear, smell, taste, feel, think - in short, both the world as object and the self as subject - are fabrications we mistake for realities.   We are born not into the world, but with a world, which disappears along with us - however much it may hurt when you stub your toe.


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Exhibitions (poetry and art)

“Between and Around: Words,” Temple University Rome Art Gallery, September 2009.

“Al di la’ delle parole,” Studio Tiepolo 38, Rome, January - March 2009.

“Psyche Says,” Kommunale Galerie Schlangenbad, Schlangenbad, Germany, September - October 2007.

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